Stock exchange under the capitalism of social solidarity

Humiliated by the lack of political freedom and the wastefulness of communism, in 1989, the citizens of Central Europe opted firmly for the private market economy known for short as capitalism. Thirty years on, the overall feeling is that it was a wise choice, as evidenced by the fact that parties which negate the principles of the market economy exist at the margins of political life.

With strong approval of entrepreneurship, market competition and financial capital comes the awareness that capitalism is an evolving and complex economic system, its efficiency depending on the integrity and quality of its fundamental institutions.

One such economic institution that has played a major role from the very beginnings of the market economy in Poland and other Central European countries is the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE). Its inauguration session in 1991 in the former headquarters of the communist party symbolised the rejection of communism in favour of the capitalist economy.

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